Years ago, you felt a sense of pride upon pulling into your driveway and starting at your home. These days? You wince and wonder how many neighbors have noticed how badly your home exterior is starting to look. 

Fortunately, a single paint job is all it takes to breathe new life into your home’s appearance. Research shows that hues like black, warm neutrals, and even dusty charcoal can instantly rejuvenate your exterior.

The question is, what is the proper way to paint the outside of your house?

Here’s a rundown on three common exterior painting mistakes and how to avoid them this summer.

Let’s jump in! 

1. Subpar Wall Prep

A common exterior painting mistake involves not preparing for exterior painting in the first place. Specifically, you must prepare the surface of your home well. 

First, scrape away any paint chips that have become loose. Then, sand the remaining paint. This will allow you to create a smooth surface that paint will adhere to better.

During this process, be sure to also clean your exterior walls. This will keep you from painting over dust and dirt, which may lead to an imperfect and uneven paint finish.

The prep process should also involve caulking open seams. This will allow for a uniform and flat finish.

2. Not Using the Correct Paint

Another common mistake made during an exterior painting project involves using the wrong type of paint.

Make sure that your chosen paint is made for use outdoors. The best option is an acrylic latex product that is high quality, as it is highly durable. Although this kind of paint can be expensive, it will last for a long time on your exterior walls.

3. Not Using Primer

Yet another common error made when painting a home’s exterior is not using primer.

Primer must be applied to the entire home, and for this reason, it can seem like a costly investment. You may also be tempted to skip the primer because no one will see it once it’s covered with paint. However, failure to apply primer can lead to avoidable problems for your house.

For instance, without primer, your exterior paint might not adhere to the home walls perfectly. This may result in a low-quality paint job. On top of this, you might find yourself having to repaint your home more frequently as a result. 

How We Can Help You to Avoid the Top Exterior Painting Mistakes

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