How often should you repaint the exterior of your house? Some experts would suggest repainting it every 4-6 years while others suggest waiting 15 years. Which is the correct answer? 

There are a few factors that determine when you need to repaint your home, making no one answer the right answer. For example, the climate your home’s subjected to on a regular basis (your home’s location) can affect the quality of the paint. The quality of materials used to paint the house the first time also plays a role. 

Speaking to a professional painter is the best way to determine if your home’s ready for exterior painting or interior painting. Continue reading the guide below to learn what questions you should ask before hiring a professional painting company. 

1. Are You Licensed and Insured?

You know you want to hire professional painters, but how can you be sure the company you hire has professional employees come out to complete the work? One of the first things you want to ask is for the painters to show you proof of license and insurance. 

A license is important because it shows a company went through the necessary steps to become a legitimate business. Insurance is essential because it’s put in place to protect both you and the painters. If any damages or injuries were to happen to or on your property, then the insurance will cover them.

2. Do Your Prep and Clean the Space?

Without proper prep work, the quality of the paint job could suffer. Be sure to ask the painters if they conduct their own prep work. If not, then you’ll want to know what’s required of you to prepare for the new paint. 

Then, ask if they’ll stay after the painting project is complete to clean the space. How much cleaning will they provide and how can the painters protect your furniture, carpeting, and other personal belongings during the project?

3. What Type of Paint Services Do You Offer?

You need to repaint the interior of your home, but you notice the deck needs resurfacing as well. You have your home repainted and love the outcome and now you’re interested in repainting the interior of your business also. What painting services does the professional painter offer?

Visit their website or contact them directly to inquire about all the painting services they provide. Keep in mind that not all professional painters offer the same painting services. Finding one who can meet all your painting needs is ideal. 

Are You in Need of a Professional Painter?

Are you tired of looking at cracked paint on your home’s walls? Are you having trouble remembering when was the last time the walls received new paint? It’s time to contact a professional painter!

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