2022 brings us some inspiring paint color trends that are set to transform interiors. Choosing the right paint colors infuses a room with the ambiance you’re aiming for. Whether you’re giving your living room a complete makeover, freshening up your kitchen, or redoing your entire interior, consider these trending color options. 

1. Naturally Neutral

2022 brings a fresh take on classic neutrals. Neutrals offer a subtle warmth to a space that is both sophisticated and relaxing. A neutral base can be dressed up in accent colors to suit the season. 


Taupe is a delightful neutral that is able to chameleon between beige or gray depending on what your pair it with. For an elevated room, use taupe for a rich faux finish.  


This nature-inspired neutral is both comforting and dynamic, infusing a room with quiet energy. Mushroom is an earthy-hue that reflects the trend toward sustainability.     

2. Going Green

Green is not just for interior design eco-warriors, but also a family of colors to watch in 2022. Bring a bit of nature indoors and dress your rooms in these calming, organic hues.

Fresh Gray-Green

A rising star in the neutral family, gray-green lends an air of harmony and balance to a room. Use it for an understated pop of color on cabinetry or a demure accent wall


Sage blends the warmth of green with silvery-gray to produce a color that is both charming and soothing. Introducing sage into a space creates an oasis of relaxation and peace.

3. Dark and Moody

Dramatic spaces are brought to life in 2022 with two darker shades leading the way. Clever use of darker shades creates drama and sophisticated elegance. 


For a rich backdrop that provides a perfect foil for layers of other colors in a room, shades of charcoal can lean toward a warmer or cooler feel. Dressing a wall in charcoal lends luxury to a room that can be dressed up or down.


A glorious swirl of dark blue, violet, and plum, aubergine will be shaking up walls in 2022. Sophisticated and elegant, aubergine comes into its own when blended with natural textures and neutral furnishings. 

4. Bright and Bold

Hope and positivity are rising themes and this is reflected in interior painting choices. Embracing a personal style that is classy, but thoroughly unique and fun, is what 2022 is all about.   


Invigorate your space and express your unique style with this vibrant green-yellow shade. Paired with mellow artwork and styled with living greenery, chartreuse is a growing obsession for interior home painting.


For an instant infusion of simple joy, use citron on your walls. Calming, yet uplifting at the same time, citron offers a golden option!

2022 Interior Paint Color Trends  

Popular paint color trends for 2022 are fresh and now, but also versatile enough to adapt to emerging trends in the future. Find your favorite and create the mood you want for each room in your home.

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