Is your home missing something? Some rooms may pop more than others, leaving you unsure how to create a more unique look without redecorating entirely. Adding an accent wall could be all you need to feel inspired with your space. 

An accent wall allows you to focus on one wall and not redesign the entire room. These accent wall ideas will give you plenty to choose from to freshen up your space.  

1. Patterned Paper

Wallpaper might feel old-fashioned or fill up a room in some of the worst ways, but when you limit the amount it can really make a room pop. There are so many different styles to choose from and it’s a simple way to add more color to a room if you don’t have a ton of art or other decorations.

By adding a patterned wallpaper to one wall you make the space more unique and dynamic, while not overwhelming the eyes. 

2. Paint Bold

Another great idea for an accent wall is adding some interior paint. Painting one wall a bold color can bring out the other design choices in the room and is an easier choice for you.

Like using wallpaper, you can get away with a more bold painted accent wall than painting the whole room that color. So if you’re always wanted a lime green room, maybe try one wall and see how it feels. 

3. Paneling Perfection

There are so many different kinds of wall paneling to choose from that an accent wall can become anything you want. You can use wood paneling for a more natural and light feel or use cloth paneling for a softer feel.

Paneling might not be something you attempt by yourself, whereas interior painting for one wall may be more doable. 

4. Photo Gallery

Do you have a lot of varying photos and framed artwork but you aren’t sure where to put it? You can use all of it on an accent wall to create your own kind of gallery.

Filling a wall with frames is less overwhelming when it is the only spot in the room that’s as busy. Keep other decorations to a minimum if you want to do an accent wall of images, and let them command the attention they deserve.  

5. Mirror Image

A great way to reimagine a room and add some grand illusions is to have a mirrored accent wall. Adding a mirrored wall allows the space to feel bigger and brighter, without having to knock anything down or add more light.

This is a great way to make the wall work for you. 

Accent Wall Ideas for Days

These accent wall ideas will allow you to better fill your space without having to hire a whole team of decorators. Don’t get bogged down with the whole room, but allow one side to do most of the work. 

Once you choose the kind of design you want, there are still colors and styles to consider. Choose what works best with your home and what you already have, and you’ll end up with a beautiful room in no time.

And there are plenty more interior paint ideas if you need more inspiration