Take a look around you right now. Notice how you feel. Does the color shape your mood or the other way around?

We’d say they go hand in hand. That’s why coming up with the perfect palette for your home is so important. Choosing what color goes for which room is no easy task.

Don’t worry though, we are here to help. Certain colors will make you calm while others might make you want to pull your hair out. The good news is, you can always paint over if you are unhappy with your original decision.

Let’s make your life easier. With this easy-to-follow guide, you will be well on your way to picking the perfect interior paint ideas for each room. Let’s spin that color wheel and dive in!

1. White Out

When it comes to interior painting, white will go with anything. While perhaps boring and drab in the past, white walls are perfect for the time. This year was tough for many people, so why not keep yourself calm with white?

Trends may change with each passing decade, but white makes things easy. You can mix and match your furniture without concerning yourself to upgrade your walls. Earth tones such as hazelnut, mushroom, or golden yellow for your furniture will give the perfect accent to your room.

Stick to a neutral pallet if you and your family are in a modern farmhouse and subdued tones for mid-century vibes.

2. Soften It up With Blush

If white isn’t necessarily your thing, might we suggest light blush tones? Think soft and airy such as lavender, cheeky pinks, and creamsicles.

These blushing aesthetics will be the perfect transition from one room to the next. You will feel the serenity ooze over you as you melt away into this design choice. Rooms in your home will become peaceful sanctuaries with the right breezy feel.

3. Go Big

You don’t have to worry about going home when you go big—you already are home! These are the colors to choose if you want to make a statement. When you enter a room with bold colors, you will certainly feel the difference.

Pop the color and be proud of your choice! Bright reds, powder blues, or hot pink will bring a room to life. Your guests will take notice and absorb the presence. Make things unforgettable in your home and don’t be afraid to do something daring!

4. Put It in Neutral

Neutral has such a natural way about it. When choosing neutral, you are opening your home up. It will appear even more spacious to the eye, a definite win-win!

If you’re working with a smaller space, neutral colors ought to be one of your go-to’s. Try to have a base color for your home when thinking of flow. This way the rooms will feel apart of the larger whole in your home.

5. Dark Feels

Don’t let dark colors intimidate you. It has quickly caught on this year and it’s easy to understand why.

Charcoals, greys, or blacks will help keep your room intact. Things won’t feel as broken up when deciding on a darker feel.

Blues and blacks will up the coziness in your home. There is also an air of mystery and intrigue. You will bring a level of sophistication unmatched to any room you choose.

Use This Guide to Brush up on Interior Paint Ideas

By now you ought to be a color wizard! If not, there’s always room to glow (pun intended). Our interior paint ideas should have you moving in the right direction.

Color says a lot about you and the room you’re in. Why not put your feet up and let the painting professionals handle the dirty work?

Be sure to contact Stephen James Painting and request a free quote. You’ll have a fresh coat in no time!