On average, 56% of homeowners plan to paint an interior portion of their homes in the next year.

However, most people have a problem choosing a design or paint color. Luckily, there are many popular trends to choose from. 

Your home will be revamped once you find which paint scheme works best for you.  

Not sure how to start your new painting project? Don’t worry, here are 5 interior painting trends to consider this year!

1. Patterns

Patterned paint schemes can bring life and excitement to a home. This is a great project for an accent wall or a space you need for a focal point. 

Using professional painters for a project like this might be beneficial. But, with the newest techniques available today, making your pattern isn’t as hard as it seems. 

Utilizing a stencil is a great and easy way to form your pattern. Simply apply your base coat and let it dry. Then, tape your stencil in the desired area and paint it with your opposite color. 

Contrasting colors work best for a pattern theme. Some popular styles include harlequins, stripes, or chevron

2. Vibrant Colors

Vibrant colors are fun and bold in a household. These colors are great for adventurous families who want to make a statement. 

A room bursting with color will attract people to the area and will be sure to start a conversation. These colors go well with themed rooms, making them less randomly placed in your home.

Some vibrant colors can include variations of yellow, blue, and red. 

3. Bold Black 

One of the most popular interior painting trends is the stunning look of black. This color is so versatile and can be used in many ways. 

This look may be acquired for some, but you can make a striking setting in an all-black room. For a chic and elegant room, you can change it up with different shades or textures of black paint.  

If you’re not sold on the solid black look, you can use it as an accent color or use splashes of paint to contrast with it. 

4. Contrasted Ceilings 

Contrasted ceilings are great statement pieces to change a boring room. This look can add character or create a high ceiling effect for small rooms.

Start by coloring your walls all the same color, then pick a contrasting color for the ceiling. This usually looks best with lighter colors for your walls and a darker color for the ceiling. 

For a bold look, you can also add a pop of bright color to the ceiling for a vivid and stimulating appearance. 

5. Neutrals

Neutral colors add sophistication and elegance to your home. Neutrals are great because they work in almost any setting. 

These timeless color palettes can be calming and relaxing. And because neutrals go with almost everything, you can use these colors to enhance your furniture, decorations, or floors.

Some neutral colors include variations of gray, white, and beige. 

Start Your Interior Painting Today

The hassle of choosing how to paint an area in your home just became a little easier! These 5 interior painting trends will be sure to transform the overall look of your house. 

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