Curious about the latest kitchen cabinet trends? If you haven’t seen the latest 2021 styles, they’re unlike any you’ve seen before.

Some are rustic; some are sleek; and a few will even save you money

Want to learn more? Then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re ready to discover your next kitchen and the latest cabinet color trends, read on.

1. Reclaimed Cabinets

If you’re looking for current kitchen cabinet trends, reclamation is timeless. It’s a form of furniture upcycling by which you take your current cabinets and repaint, re-stain, or refinish them. At first glance, it might seem like a cheap, second-rate method.

You can also reclaim wood from another construction project or even wooden pallets. This project is fun because you can get creative and play a small part in saving our environment.

If your cabinets are well crafted or made from solid wood, this might be your best bet. People still refinish furniture that was made in the 1800s for the same reason. Quality is hard to come by.

2. Minimalist Kitchen

One of the popular kitchen cabinet color trends for minimalist kitchens is white. Think white eggshell semigloss on flat minimalist cabinetry. Top it off with nickel handles and white oak flooring.

The key to creating a minimalist space is to make sure to tuck all your odds and ends into a cabinet or drawer. Leave nothing out. Yep, that includes things like blenders and drying racks.

3. Open Shelf Space

Take a look at your own kitchen. Count the number of doors hanging on your cabinets. How many do you have?

Now imagine removing those doors. Also, get rid of the sides and the backs of your cabinets. Now all you have are the shelves and the frame.

Well, if you’re interested in kitchen cabinet trends 2021, that’s exactly what you get. It’s another form of minimalism but focused on only the cabinets.

If you go this route, you may not even need to worry about the old cabinet refinishing vs refacing controversy. It’s easiest to start from scratch because your old cabinet frames aren’t made to stand up to the riggers of an open shelf blueprint.

4. Color Bomb

Next up is a bohemian take on cabinet color trends. It’s bright, it’s memorable, and it’s one of the latest trends in kitchen cabinets. Think Crayola color explosion, and you won’t stray far from the mark.

The key to pulling off this approach, and for that matter, other colorful paint ideas, is to start with a color palette. Sure, you want an explosion of colors. But you must first make sure those colors look good together.

5. Natural Finishes

It’s expensive to cover your kitchen in hardwood. That’s why most folks stick to softwoods, such as pine and cedar. But did you realize that oak is considered hardwood?

It’s much less expensive than cherry or mahogany. It’s also more durable than pine or the dreaded particleboard. Oak also does well with any type of stain you throw at it.

A Last Look at Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Now that you know the latest kitchen cabinet trends, what new ideas do you have? Start an idea board for your perfect kitchen. Remember to include photos of all the designs, colors, and textures that strike your fancy.

If you don’t want to do the job yourself, don’t let that stop you. Reach out to your local contractor or contact your local painter to get your project started today.