Homeowners typically have their walls repainted every 5 to 15 years due to chips, fading, and a desire for something new. Is it about time for you to repaint your walls?

Perhaps you want to try wall colors you’ve never tried before. You’re breaking out of your box and going with something totally different! But what paint color will you choose? 

We’re here with a few of the top paint color trends of 2023 so you can get some inspiration. Read on to learn more. 

1. Cozy Terra Cotta

Terra cotta is one of those colors that looks so warm and bold but still fits seamlessly into any home style. Despite its boldness, it doesn’t steal the show from the rest of the room’s decorations or furnishings. 

Terra cotta is back in a big way in 2023 as one of the most popular colors. Perhaps the “cozy cottage” trend has sparked its popularity. 

It’s bold enough to be a statement wall but neutral enough for an entire room. Pair it with gold and black accents for a fantastic home aesthetic. 

2. Vibrant Reds

If you love the warmth of terra cotta but you want something more vibrant and intense, reds are totally in this year! If you’re okay with a bold look, go red!

Bright and warm reds are the most popular, so think of an intense scarlet. This works well in smaller rooms or as an accent color in a larger room. 

Some people are also opting for magenta. This purple-ish red isn’t for everyone, but it can seriously make any home pop. It’s perfect for anyone who likes red but wants something a bit different. 

3. Warm Greys

Warm and soft greys are also in fashion still. They’re excellent for rental homes due to how neutral they are, but they also make great colors for lived-in homes. Almost any color or style of furniture can go with warm grey paint. 

From almost white to almost black, warm greys are incredibly versatile. You have a lot of options. 

4. Soft Greens

Soft greens haven’t gone out of style yet, and we hope they remain popular for years to come. 

They range from a pastel grassy color to the deep color of moss. Despite being bold, greens work well in more “neutral” spaces as well. They pair well with wooden or white furniture. 

Green isn’t too overwhelming for an entire room and it can make a space feel fresher. 

5. Cool Teals

Cool colors can make a home feel calmer. If you could use some calming energy, try the teal trend! 

Again, this trend includes a wide range of colors and shades. Some people opt for a teal so light and neutral that it’s almost grey while others are opting for a deep ocean color. 

Choose what works for you and your personal home aesthetic. 

Which Paint Color Is Right for Your Home? 

So which of these paint color trends appeals to you the most? If you’re interested in trying a new paint color, these trending options are a great place to start. It’s time to makeover your space. 

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