Is it time to spruce up the interior or exterior of your home with a coat of paint or a new color scheme? While you might be tempted to DIY, hiring a residential painter has its benefits

When you hire a residential painter, you’ll get a professional look that you might not be able to achieve yourself especially if you have little to no experience. The thing to keep in mind, though, is you don’t want to hire any painter, you want to find the best residential painter for your home painting needs. 

When considering hiring a residential painting contractor, there are several talking points to bring up before deciding on one. Keep reading to learn the important questions to ask a painter when receiving a job quote. 

1. Are You Licensed and Insured? 

When hiring a professional painter, you want to find one that has a state-issued license. State licensing laws vary by state, but in general, licensed painters have standards to uphold and are vulnerable to fines or lawsuits for bad work. 

You also want to make sure they have comprehensive liability insurance including workers’ compensation coverage. This coverage protects you if your home gets damaged during the job or if a worker is injured on your property. 

2. How Do You Protect the Fixtures, Floors, and Furniture? 

If you’ve ever had a painter who didn’t protect your stuff and ended up with paint splatter on your floors or furniture, you know this is an important question. The last thing you want is to have to replace furniture or fixtures or redo floors after hiring someone to paint your house. 

3. Do You Use Subcontractors? 

Ask upfront if they hire day laborers or have their own staff of painters. If they do use subs, ask if they have completed a background check on them. 

4. Do You Supply the Paint and Other Materials? 

Some painters prefer that you supply the paint while they bring all the other materials. Some will get the paint and that is included in the price. 

5. Do You Offer a Warranty? 

Find a painter who guarantees his work. They should offer to correct any issues that were a result of their painting. If you have blistering, peeling, or flaking paint, the painter should come and fix it. Typically, the warranty is one to three years. 

6. What Kind Of Prep Work Do You Do? 

Will the painter come in and just start painting? Sometimes walls and ceilings have stains or rough patches or might need some drywall repair. Windows or door molding might have cracks in the caulking around them. 

Painter Questions for a Residential Painting Contractor 

Now that you know what to ask before hiring a residential painting contractor, you’re ready to find the right one for the job. You’ll end up with a top-notch painting company and enjoy a job well done. 

At Stephen James Painting, Inc. customer satisfaction is our top goal. We always offer quality workmanship with professional experience from start to finish. Contact us today for a free quote.