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For some of you, uncertainties have caused the idea of selling your home and moving. On the other hand, some of you might find yourselves looking for a change. Maybe you’re interested in ways to increase the value and wow factor of your home before placing it up for sale in a competitive market. One thing all this uncertainty doesn’t have to cause is your unhappiness with the state of your home. Whether you are simply wanting to upgrade a few areas of your home or do a total makeover, Stephen James Painting, Inc. is ready to help with your kitchen remodel.

Although we are best known for our interior and exterior painting projects, we also specialize in cabinet refinishing and staining. It’s pretty safe to say that for most of us, the kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s where we congregate just to take a “peek” at what’s cooking and the place we sneak to and grab a midnight snack. One sure way to bring your spirits down though is a dull, outdated kitchen. If you find yourself dreaming of memorable get-togethers centered around a magazine-worthy, beautiful kitchen but are dreading the cost of a total remodel, there is hope.

Admittedly, the cost of a total kitchen remodel can quickly get out of hand. At Stephen James Painting, Inc., however, we want to offer you, our customer, a better, more economical option. Instead of ditching the old cabinets, paying a costly fee to have them removed, buying new cabinets, and paying for the installation fees, why not update the ones you already have? With sustainability and eco-friendly choices on the rise, reusing what you already have makes sense.

More importantly, the price of refinishing and staining cabinets is a fraction of the cost of buying a completely new set and can be completed in a short amount of time when compared to installing new ones. Adding a bright pop of color to your cabinetry is a popular trend that is completely achievable with a new coat of paint. As long as the cabinets are in the correct location and the cabinet boxes are functional, staining or refinishing them is a great upgrade option that will drastically change the appearance of the whole room.

We begin all of our cabinet refinishing and staining projects by meeting with our customers. During this time we will discuss the overall goals of the finished project and answer any concerns. An evaluation of the current cabinetry and box is also completed and an estimate is generated. Once the estimate and all aspects of the project have been agreed upon, we are ready to get to work.

As always, our professionally trained team will deliver a clean, courteous, and smoke-free work site. Most cabinet refinishing and staining projects are completed in a weeks’ time. If you find yourself dreaming of a kitchen upgrade, call us today and schedule a consultation for cabinet staining and refinishing on the Central Coast.

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