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At Stephen James Painting, Inc. we understand the many challenges and unique goals of business owners. That is why we take pride in proving quality workmanship and professional services to our commercial customers. We know that as Santa Maria and surrounding areas grow and change, making a good impression as a business has never been more important.

If you find yourself looking around your office or building and are discouraged by the outdated or dingy sight, wishing you could better represent your business, we have the solution. One of the best ways to stand out amongst a sea of competition and elevate your business to the next level is to make a great first impression. Thankfully, our commercial paint services are here to help you do just that. 

We know that being a business owner isn’t always easy. Considering adding yet another bill to an ever-growing pile of payables very likely seems like a daunting choice. Studies show, however, that maintaining the appearance of your building or office has many benefits. Taking the time to update your building sets you up for success.

Just as we take special precautions to prepare for a paint project so that we can successfully deliver the services you desire, taking the steps towards improving your business is worth the time and financial effort because of the rewards it will deliver. Not only does fresh paint protect your buildings from potential damage, but it also increases the value of your property. We are trained professionals in both interior and exterior painting techniques that will breathe fresh life into the appearance of your building or office. As the best commercial painter serving San Luis Obispo & beyond, we know the improtance of a deadline.

Our painters are always striving to meet and exceed expectations and take pride in the work that they do. We operate clean, quiet, and smoke-free work sites.

All of our painters are highly trained and courteous professionals who will work efficiently to meet agreed-upon deadlines.

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Commercial Services 

  • Office and Medical Buildings
  • Schools and Educational Centers
  • Religious Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Property Management Sites
  • Shopping Centers
  • Industrial Buildings

For property management companies specifically, fresh paint is an excellent selling point and gives you a competitive edge. Most paint will last between 5 to 10 years and keep your properties ready to rent. Potential renters want to feel like their new apartment or home is clean and ready to be made a home; studies have shown that even the smell of fresh paint in a unit increases renters’ confidence.

At Stephen James Painting, Inc., we understand that quick turnaround time on your project is especially important to our commercial customers. We will begin with a consultation with you to determine how we can meet your business’ needs. We will work with you to understand how to best express the goals of your business and improve the quality of your professional life. During that time, we will discuss the services we deliver as well as provide a clear and detailed estimate. Color consultations are also available when necessary. Once an estimate and all details of the job have been agreed upon, we are ready to begin your project. 

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