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The Central Coast touts some of the best weather conditions in the nation year-round. With plentiful sunshiny days, there’s no need to question why here on the Central Coast, being outdoors isn’t just a nice reprieve, it’s a way of life. Having an outside space such as a deck offers the perfect place to do just that.

Unsurprisingly, studies show that spending just 15 minutes a day outside is an excellent way to increase concentration, your vitamin D levels, and even boost your mood. Decks also add a powerful selling point to potential buyers if and when you’re looking to sell your home. According to reports, outdoor living spaces such as decks are amongst the smartest investments you can add to a home to increase its value.

At Stephen James Painting, Inc. we know that whether your deck is your own personal paradise meant to provide a get away from it all, or an entertainer’s dream, it might be starting to show its age. After years of backyard BBQs, countless hours spent lounging in the sun, or stampedes from the kids, most decks start to splinter and fade. While you might be wondering if it’s time to toss the whole thing into the scrap pile and start all over again with a new deck, you should know that there is another option.

The good news here is that, as long as the integrity of the deck is sound, your deck likely just needs a deep clean and resurfacing to bring it back to life. Resurfacing allows you to get the look and feel of a new deck without having to heft out the huge price of a new build. Oftentimes, new materials or design elements are even added or changed, really adding to that “new deck” feel and the curb appeal.

Like most important investments, decks specifically need some routine maintenance so that they will continue to stay safe and functional for years to come. Making sure your deck is properly water-proofed is a vital step towards ensuring that it remains damage-free. Left unprotected, exposure from weather elements or even spills from BBQs will cause costly damage to your deck including erosion or even mold and mildew. Water-proofing will deliver you a long life span for your deck. It will simultaneously protect it from harmful UV rays which cause unsightly fading, and moisture causing damage.  

Having a deck attached to your home is undoubtedly one of the best investments you can have. At Stephen James Painting, Inc., we proudly offer both deck resurfacing and waterproofing services. We will happily meet with you to discuss how to best meet you and your deck’s needs. Once the assessment of its current state is complete, we will provide a clear and detailed estimate of our services. If approved, our courteous and professional team will get right to work on your deck. Don’t lose out on outdoor fun or waste your money by tearing down your deck, let us make it new again. Call today and schedule a consultation. 

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