When was the last time you switched off the AC?

If you’re sweltering this summer, you’re not the only one on your block who is feeling the heat. You may, however, be the only one who is spending a ton of money on cooling your home! Smart homeowners know that exterior paint colors have a significant effect on the energy efficiency of their homes! 

Are you ready for a fresh coat of paint? Why not cool down at the same time? Read on to learn about what colors make you feel cooler and save you money during the hottest months. 

The Psychology of Color

When you think about “heat,” do a specific range of colors come to mind? How about “cold?” Artists and designers organize colors into warm (reds, oranges, and yellows) and cool (blues, greens, and violets) for a reason. 

As it turns out, there is subtle psychology at play. Cool shades actually have the effect of making you feel cooler! On a tropical island, the hotel vestibule is likely to be shades of blue or green to cool guests stay cool after a day in the sun! 

Energy Efficient Paint Colors

When choosing exterior paint colors for your home, it’s important to keep the sun in mind. Color is just a representation of the visible spectrum of light. It naturally absorbs and reflects light in order to be visible to the human eye. 

Light colors and dark colors interact with light differently. Dark colors tend to absorb light, making them hotter. In contrast, lighter colors reflect light, making them naturally cooler.

The coolest exterior house colors will be on the lighter side. Whites, off-whites, and light grays are a good, neutral bet for those looking to save on heating bills. They have the added benefit of making your home look bigger, which is an appealing bonus! 

If you do wish to keep your home paint colors a little more interesting, you can do so using accent colors. Bright home accents can add a pop of personality without affecting the overall efficiency of your home. As long as the majority of the exterior color is a light shade, you can experiment with your shutters, trims, and window boxes!

Consider the Roof

When the sun is beating down overhead, it’s usually hitting the roof first. A great deal of the heat absorbed by the average house is absorbed through the roof. The same rules for exterior paint colors apply here. 

A lighter color roof will reflect the light and remove some of the burden from your interior cooling systems. A coat of paint can often be enough to make a considerable difference. You don’t need to replace your entire roof to make your home more energy-efficient – and it will still look great with a fresh coat of paint!

Stephen James Painting Knows Energy Efficient Exterior Paint Colors

Whether you want to save on your cooling or heating bill, or just beat the heat in the California sun, switching up your exterior paint colors can help. Light, cool colors have both a psychological and physical effect on the heat of your home. Plus, a new paint job will make your home look cleaner, fresher, and sometimes larger!

If you’re ready to cool off with a fresh coat of paint, Stephen James Painting can help. They offer top-quality exterior painting services, with energy efficiency in mind. If you are in the Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo area, reach out today to stay cool with a free quote!