Are you thinking about investing in a new paint job for your home or business? Sure, painting services can be costly, but what about DIY paint projects? They sound like a less expensive alternative.

But, since 2003, DIY home improvement spending has steadily declined from 27% to just 17%. That’s a 37% drop, but why?

If you’re ready to learn three significant reasons why DIY paint jobs are a terrible idea, read on.

1. Avoiding Harmful Fumes

You might have heard of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) before. They’re the fumes given off by indoor and outdoor paints. Unfortunately, in large doses, they create harmful health effects in humans and animals.

  • Nose, eye, and throat irritation
  • Headaches
  • Kidney, liver, and CNS damage
  • Skin reactions
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Etc.

These toxins are especially dangerous to pregnant mothers and young children. Unfortunately, VOCs are two to five times higher indoors than outdoors. That means folks living in cold climates get exposed even more often than those living in warmer climates.

Fortunately, VOCs dissipate over time. If you hire interior painting services to fill a room with color, you should let the room air out for at least three days before you use it. In fact, one of the most popular paint safety tips says to open the windows and leave them open during that time.

Low VOC paints and No VOC paints also exist. If you have small children, especially infants, ask your painter for no VOC paints.

2. Painting Services Guarantee Expert Workmanship

As you hunt for house painting services, keep in mind that contractor liability insurance is paramount. It provides the homeowner, that’s you, with coverage should your residential painting services suffer a grievous error. Examples might include accidentally painting your hardwood floor or covering your oven in a nice teal semigloss.

If the job isn’t done right, you can sue for compensatory damages in small claims court. Their insurance will then reimburse you for the cost of the project.

Also, if you’re hiring exterior painting services, experience matters. It’s difficult to produce a flawless finish when you’re standing on scaffolding, ten feet in the air. It’s near impossible if you don’t have the right tools or experience.

3. Time Matters

Most homeowners don’t know that preparing your home for painting may take half the time that you dedicate to your project. You must tape and cover your entire project area. You must also remove any obstacles, such as furniture and wall hangings.

Afterward, you must prime the surfaces you intend to paint. A primer is a type of paint that seals the surface and improves adhesion. If you don’t prime the surface, you run the strong risk of color bleed from your old paint.

You also must let the primer dry for at least 24 hours before you apply your new paint. With most paints, you must apply at least two coats. Often, you need three to ensure an even coat with color uniformity.

Then you need to let those coats dry, touch up spots you missed, and clean up your mess. How long will that take? Should you hire a professional instead?

The choice is yours. Will your next web search be DIY paint tips? Or will you focus on painting services near me instead?

What’s Next?

Now that you know why hiring professional painting services makes sense. That doesn’t mean it’s right for everybody. But is it right for you?

If the answer is yes, contact your local professional painters today.