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Best High-End Painting Services and Faux Finishes on the Central Coast.

The appearance of your home or business should be something you are proud of. If you find yourself wishing for a look that is a little less drab and a little more you, we are happy to partner with you to make that happen. For Stephen James Painting, Inc., customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. We have been proving excellent professional painting services for the San Luis Obispo area for over three generations and will make sure that the painting process is as easy and enjoyable as possible.

The interior paint of your home or building specifically has the power to thoroughly alter the appearance. One popular technique that will certainly make an impact is the use of high end faux- finishes. Defined as a paint process that replicates the use of varied materials including but certainly not limited to brick, marble, stone, or even wood; faux finishes have been around for eons. While some might think that simply choosing a standard, solid paint color is the best way to go in terms of style and budget-friendly choices, you would be surprised to know that might not be true. 

Although having a high-end faux finish completed on your walls may indeed cost a slightly higher amount than the standard interior paint job does, the benefit is well worth it. First and foremost, high-end faux finishes are an excellent way to put a personal or eye-catching stamp on a tired-looking wall or room. For anyone wanting to sell their home, this should be an intriguing benefit since becoming memorable will ideally lead to more potential buyers and perhaps even a higher selling price. For business owners, an eye-catching, polished, personalized building or office space exudes confidence and tells potential customers that “you’re here to stay.”

Trendy storefronts and salons specifically will benefit from many of our high-end techniques. Faux finishes are surprisingly beneficial to high traffic or “family-friendly” rooms and buildings. Due to their overall textured look and varied colors, faux finishes are especially good at hiding any sort of previous nicks and blemishes that may already exist on your walls. Because of this, using this technique could actually save you the costly fee of having to repair any damages, dents, or cracks before painting!

Whether you are hoping to simply bring an exciting new element into your home or business or wanting to remodel it all, our high-end faux finishes have something to offer you. At Stephen James Painting, Inc. we will meet with you to discuss our services and share with you how to make your design ideas come to life. Call today for a consultation!

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