Does your kitchen need a little bit of love? This is the most important room in your home – and it has the greatest impact on your house’s resale value!

You don’t have to spend a fortune to give this space a whole new look. In fact, quick projects like refinishing your cabinets can make a huge difference with a relatively small budget. 

Keep reading to learn about four major factors when it comes to the cost to refinish cabinets. And, decide if this is the right approach for your home.

1. Size 

When it comes to cabinet refinishing, the size of your project is the number one determining factor for costs. 

The size of your cabinets will most likely be represented in linear inches and feet. And, the higher that number the more you’ll spend on the project. In some cases, over $40 per linear foot.

Is your kitchen huge? Homes with plenty of cabinet space are highly desirable and make hosting and cooking a snap. But, depending on the size of your space you might have to complete this project in stages. 

2. Labor 

The second major expense to consider when refinishing kitchen cabinets is payment for professional workers

While it might seem tempting to do this project yourself, cabinet refinishing is often a time for the pros. The process is long and labor-intensive, requiring steps like removing your cabinets and stripping away old paint and stain, sanding and drying, refinishing, and finally rehanging. 

Before hiring a cabinet refinishing pro, be sure to check their online reviews and rankings. You’ll also want to find out if they are a member of any local organisations like the Better Business Bureau

3. Materials 

As we already mentioned, refinishing wood cabinets is a multiple-step process using different materials at every stage.

When factoring your costs, you’ll also need to plan for less obvious materials, including drop cloths or sheets to protect your home during work, and products to clean up once the work is complete. Keep in mind that you’ll need to overestimate and buy a bit more of everything than you need – that way you’re guaranteed not to run out of anything important halfway through your project. 

4. Details 

If you’re not careful – this is where things can get expensive!

Small details like hinges, hardware, and handles can be the most expensive elements of your kitchen cabinet refinishing project. Before making any purchase, you’ll want to get an accurate look at each item’s cost by considering how many you’ll purchase. What might feel like a little splurge now could accidentally turn into a spending spree if you need to buy a large number of any one item. 

Estimating the Cost to Refinish Cabinets

Now that you know a bit about the cost to refinish cabinets, you’re probably excited to get started. Congratulations! Updating your cabinets is a great way to give the whole kitchen a facelift – without spending a ton.

Do you have more questions? Are you ready for a free quote? Contact us today – our friendly staff is standing by to help with whatever you might need!