If you’re like many people, you’ve finally figured out that hiring a painter makes a whole lot more sense than trying to DIY it. You don’t have the time or the materials to do the work properly. 

The truth is the professional painters just do a better job at painting. But how do you find a residential painting service who will do the quality work you’re willing to pay for? There are so many painting companies around, how do you choose?

Read this quick guide for finding a residential painting company for your next paint job.

Ask Around  

It makes sense to start your search for the best painting company to ask friends and family for ideas or recommendations. You’re likely to get the most honest opinion from  someone you know. 

They can share their own experiences with hiring a professional painter and what to consider. 

If they give a recommendation, ask for details. Did the painter provide materials? Did the painter do all the prep work? Did they show up when they said they would?

Search Online 

You can also go to an online search engine like Google, for example, and search for painting services near me. Be prepared to get a long list. This is where it helps to already have some recommendations from friends or neighbors. 

Once you get a list, take a look at their website. What kind of information is provided? Look at what services they provide and if they seem like a good fit. 

Then read some online reviews. Remember, there are some people who will complain no matter the situation. Look for trends in the comments. This gives you a feeling about the type of service they provide. 

Get Quotes

Hopefully, at this point you have narrowed down your options to a few. Call them and ask for them to give you an estimate on the work you want done. 

Be specific about what you want and need to make sure they quote correctly. Be sure to ask the painter to spell out what’s included in the quote. Things to consider:

  • Does this quote include prep work?
  • Will the painter move or cover furniture or will you need to do it?
  • Does this quote include the paint?

You’ll want to ask some questions about their process. Will they prime the space? Will it need two coats? You want to get a sense for how the painter approaches the work. 

Factors to Consider

Once you have the quotes, you can compare. Remember, cheapest doesn’t often mean the best. You, of course, want to consider cost, but make sure when comparing each painter’s quote includes the same work. 

You also want to consider their timeline. When can they get to the work? One thing you want to know is who actually does the work. What kind of screening does the painting company use for employees, especially since they might be inside your home. 

Finally, make sure the painter is both licensed and insured. 

Hire the Best Residential Painting Service

While it might take some research and time to find the best residential painting service, in the end it’s worth the trouble to make sure you get quality work done. 

Are you looking for a painter to do some work in your home? We can help. Contact us today to request a free quote for your painting job.