Are you thinking about sprucing up your bathroom with some new cabinets?

Choosing the right cabinet color can make a big difference in the entire look and feel of your bathroom. Picking the right cabinet color can be tricky, though.

How can you know you’ve found the right color for your bathroom? Read on for our new bathroom cabinet color guide.

Consider Your Bathroom’s Style

Before you start looking at cabinet colors, think about the style you want to achieve in your bathroom. The cabinet color should complement the overall aesthetic you’re going for.

Assess Your Space

Take a good look at your bathroom to determine its size, layout, and lighting. Lighter cabinet colors can make a small bathroom feel more spacious, while darker colors can add warmth and coziness to a larger space. Consider how the cabinet color will interact with the natural and artificial light in the room.

Think About New Cabinets Maintenance

Keep in mind that lighter cabinet colors may show grime more than darker ones. If you’re concerned about maintenance, you might want to opt for a mid-tone color that strikes a balance between light and dark.

Coordinate with Existing Fixtures

Take stock of your existing bathroom fixtures, such as the sink, faucet, and hardware. For example, if you have chrome fixtures, a cabinet color with cool undertones like gray or blue might work well.

Experiment with Samples

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different cabinet colors before making a final decision. Many home improvement stores offer small samples or swatches that you can take home to see how they look in your space. Hold them up against the walls and existing fixtures to get a sense of how they’ll fit in.

Consider Cabinet Texture

In addition to color, think about the texture of the cabinets. Smooth, glossy finishes can give your bathroom a modern, polished look, while matte finishes can add a softer, more rustic feel.

Explore Different Types of Cabinets

You could choose from traditional wood cabinets, sleek laminate cabinets, and trendy floating cabinets. Each type has its own perks, so consider which one will best suit your bathroom remodel.

Seek Bathroom Remodel Inspiration

If you’re feeling stuck, look for inspiration online or in home design magazines. You might find photos of bathrooms with cabinet colors that you love, which can help guide your decision-making process.

Think Long-Term About Cabinet Color

Remember that the cabinet color you choose will likely be in your bathroom for several years, so think about whether it’s a color you’ll still love down the line. Neutral colors like white, beige, and gray tend to stand the test of time, and you can update them with new accessories or accents with ease.

Are You Ready for a New Bathroom Cabinet Color?

By following these simple tips, you can find the perfect new bathroom cabinet color to complete your space. You’ll be able to enjoy a bathroom that feels stylish, functional, and uniquely yours.

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