Did you know that the average person can perceive around 10 million colors?

No wonder it’s so challenging to buy the exact same shade of paint. Fortunately, there are effective ways to make your paint colors match. This is true even without the original paint code.

Are you dealing with a paint touch-up or choosing a new color for a room? Either way, keep reading for tips to help you achieve a seamless and harmonious look.

Understanding the Basics of Color Match Paint

Color-matching paint involves finding the right blend of pigments to recreate a specific hue. While paint manufacturers often provide paint codes for reference, they might not always be accessible or accurate.

This is especially true if your paint has faded. In such cases, understanding the fundamentals of color theory can be a lifesaver.

A Close Examination Before Paint Selection

Before hunting down the color, assess the existing paint on your walls. Take a close look at its undertones and characteristics.

Is it warm or cool? Does it have a hint of blue or yellow? These observations will guide you in selecting the closest match.

Creating a Custom Paint Formula

Many paint stores offer custom color mixing services. Take a sample of your existing paint to a reputable store. That way, they can create a custom paint formula for you.

They’ll analyze the sample and adjust the pigments to produce a nearly identical match.

Use Paint Color Matching Tools

Some paint retailers have handheld devices that can scan your existing paint and provide you with a color formula.

These tools are excellent for small paint touch-ups. They’ll ensure your repairs blend well with the surrounding area.

Test Patches and Adjustments

Once you have a potential color match, it’s time to test it out. Apply a small patch of new paint next to the existing one.

Don’t forget that natural and indoor light can change a color’s appearance. If necessary, make minor adjustments to the formula and test it again.

Gradual Transitioning

Are you still wondering how to match a paint color?

If you can’t find an exact match, consider creating a gradual transition between the old and new paint. Choose a color that complements the existing one.

Doing so will create a pleasing transition between the two. This approach could turn what might have been an issue into a bold design choice.

Professionals Can Save the Day

Paint specialists and interior designers have expertise in color matching and can provide valuable insights.

They’ll guide you through the process and recommend the best strategy based on your situation.

Now You Can Make Your Paint Colors Match Beautifully

Once you make your paint colors match, you can boost the aesthetic of your home inside and out. You’ll certainly garner compliments from friends and family members alike.

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