Studies suggest that new kitchen cabinets cost anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000. However, you’ll see that you can spend much more than this if you start looking at new cabinets. 

Cabinets are costly but make a kitchen look nicer and more valuable. 

But did you know you can achieve the same results through cabinet refinishing services? Refinishing your cabinets improves your kitchen’s looks and increases your home’s value. 

Of course, you’ll need to hire the right contractor for the job for the best results. Continue reading to learn more about cabinet refinishing services.

What to Look for in a Cabinet Refinishing Contractor

Refinishing cabinets is a project you should leave to professionals. After all, professional painters know what type of paint to use and how to refinish cabinets properly. But how do you choose a company?

First, look for a cabinet refinishing company in your area. While most painting contractors will paint cabinets, you’ll get the best results if you choose one specializing in this service.

Next, look at their gallery. Seeing before and after pictures will help you know when you have found the right company. 

Additionally, ask for references. Talking to previous customers is revealing and helpful before hiring a contractor. 

Finally, ask for a quote. A quote helps you decide if you can afford the services. 

Questions to Ask

You might find several cabinet refinishing companies to choose from, but you’ll learn a lot by asking them questions before hiring one.

First, ask if your cabinets are in good enough condition to refinish. Cabinets need strong bones, and a contractor needs to look at them to determine this answer.

You can also ask about the impact refinishing kitchen cabinets has on a home’s value. In most cases, updating a kitchen has more impact than almost any other task you do to your house. 

This aspect is important if you’re selling your home. But it’s also important simply because you’ll be investing money in your house, and you’ll want to make sure it’s a smart investment.  

What to Expect During the Process

It’s also helpful to ask the contractor about the process and what to expect during it. 

For example, how long will it take for kitchen cabinet refinishing? Will the process make a mess? Do you have to empty your kitchen cabinets?

These are ideal questions to ask to learn more about the process. In addition, ask about the cabinet hardware. If your hardware is in good condition, they might be able to refinish and reuse it.

If not, you can keep the cabinet hardware to use for craft projects if you want. 

Finally, talk to the painter about their guarantee. Reputable painters offer excellent services that generally come with guarantees. 

Hire the Best Contractor

Choosing cabinet refinishing services is more cost-effective and less messy than replacing your cabinets. But your results are highly dependent upon the contractor you hire. So hire the best one.

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