If you’ve ever watched a home design show on HGTV, you’d swear that white is the only color people like for kitchen cabinets. But that’s not the case. Both light and dark colors are trending in 2024.

But how do you know which color is best for your kitchen? Keep reading for our best advice on how to choose between light and dark-stained cabinets.

Benefits of Light-Stained Cabinets

One top benefit of light kitchen cabinets is that they’re timeless and will work with most design styles. But that’s not the only reason you might want to choose them. Here are several other benefits to consider.

Appearance of More Space

Light colors on walls tend to make spaces appear larger. The same goes for kitchen cabinets. If you have a small or closed-off kitchen, you may want to choose a lighter shade.

Easy to Color Coordinate

Lighter shades coordinate well with a range of colors. This gives you more options when choosing colors for your backsplash, countertops, and walls. Also, light cabinets won’t steal focus from any artwork or decor you display.

Add Resale Value

Due to their timeless quality, light-stained cabinets will likely boost the resale value of your home. This is an important benefit to consider when you plan to sell soon or further down the road. 

Benefits of Dark-Stained Cabinets

While dark-stained cabinets don’t have the timelessness of light ones, they can make your kitchen feel luxurious. Here are some other reasons to go with a darker shade.

Add Warmth and Coziness

Darker colors add a sense of coziness to any room. If you tend to gather with family and friends in the kitchen, you’ll want it to feel warm and inviting.

Many Shades Available

Browns aren’t the only shades available for dark-stained cabinets. Black cabinets are great for creating a moody atmosphere. Or go with a beautiful emerald green for a unique, offbeat look.

Hide Wear and Tear

Dark cabinets hide scratches and stains much better than light ones. If your cabinets take a beating from kids or pets, a darker shade might be the way to go.

Things to Consider

Even when you think about the benefits of light vs dark cabinets, the decision still isn’t easy. Here are a few more things to consider to help you choose.

Kitchen Cabinet Design

Let your cabinet design style be your guide. A traditional kitchen might look great with dark brown cabinets, while white cabinets might suit a more modern design.

Kitchen Size

If you have a small kitchen, light colors are the way to go. If you have a spacious, open kitchen, you may want to choose a darker shade.

Choose the Right Color for Your Kitchen

While there’s lots of advice for deciding between light and dark-stained cabinets, you have to choose what’s right for your kitchen. As long as you’re happy with the color, there’s no wrong choice.

If you’re still unsure about cabinet color, Stephen James Painting is here to help. More than 75% of our business comes from current customers and referrals, so you know you can trust our expertise and the quality of our work.

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