<p>Do you work remotely or frequently use a designated office space at home? If so, you want that space to be inviting and invigorating. The right paint color can help make going to work a better experience. </p> <p>Read on to learn about the four benefits of a colorful home office!</p> <h2>1. Boost Your Mood</h2> <p>When it comes to home office colors, the right ones can put you in the right frame of mind during your workday. For instance, deep blue walls with white trim can create a classy environment that helps you feel calm and confident. Or browns and other earthy colors can be the perfect backdrop for plants and give your office a natural vibe.</p> <p>The right paint can also help an office <a href=”https://stephenjamespainting.com/the-best-interior-paint-colors-to-make-your-room-feel-spacious/”>feel more spacious</a>. This can help reduce the sensation that work is piling up-and that you’re trapped in your office. Go with soft greens or blues to make even a modest room seem bigger.</p> <h2>2. Be More Productive</h2> <p>The right workspace colors can help you get more work done. Yellow, for instance, offers warmth and energy. Sunny yellow walls set an upbeat tone that will <a href=”https://www.health.harvard.edu/mind-and-mood/tips-to-improve-concentration”>help you focus</a>.</p> <p>As another option, consider a saturated red accent wall. Red is a bold and powerful color that can make you feel in command. Or go with violet tones to create a sense of prestige that can motivate you to work harder.</p> <h2>3. Reduce Stress</h2> <p>The right colors can have a soothing effect that helps your <a href=”https://www.cdc.gov/emotional-wellbeing/features/reduce-stress.htm”>stress levels</a> go down. According to office color psychology, colors like blues or neutrals can put the mind at ease. Choose muted grays or warm tones to establish a tranquil space.</p> <p>You’ll have an office environment that doesn’t make your blood pressure rise. For a truly calming effect, it’s generally best to avoid colors at full saturation or lots of contrast. Go with colors that have been diluted with white or gray for a softer tone.</p> <h2>4. Feel Empowered</h2> <p>Finally, the right colors can help you feel empowered every time you step into your office. Maybe you run a business, for instance. Consider letting your business’s brand colors form the color scheme of your office. </p> <p>If your brand uses orange as its dominant color, match that orange to create an accent wall. You also can let your subjective preferences guide your choices. If you’ve always wanted teal walls, make it happen with paint.</p> <p>Office wall paint can help establish a home office as a true extension of your business rather than just another room in your home. <a href=”https://stephenjamespainting.com/5-reasons-why-you-should-hire-professional-painters-for-your-project/”>Skilled professional painters</a> can help you choose the right colors!</p> <h2>Get a Colorful Home Office</h2> <p>A colorful home office can make going to work much more enjoyable. Opt for cooler colors or neutrals to create a calm environment. Or go for bursts of saturated colors to energize your space.</p> <p>At Stephen James Painting, Inc., we’ve been helping customers get the results they want since 2006. Let us help you find the right colors to suit your space and give you the professional results you deserve. <a href=”https://stephenjamespainting.com/contact/”>Contact us</a> today!</p>