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Painting Contractor in San Luis Obispo, CA

Interior House Painting

More of us are spending time at home. For some of us that might simply include finding new ways to entertain the young ones indoors, while others have had to figure out how to work from home.

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Painting Contractor in Nipomo, CA

Exterior House Painting

According to Consumer Reports, one of the best ways to increase and maintain the value of your home is to improve the appearance of the exterior which includes adding a coat of fresh paint. 

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Commercial Painting Contractor in Santa Maria, CA

Commercial Painting

If you find yourself looking around your office or building and are discouraged by the outdated or dingy sight, wishing you could better represent your business, we have the solution. 

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Painting Contractor in Orcutt, CA

Cabinet Refinishing & Staining

Although we are best known for our interior and exterior painting projects, we also specialize in cabinet refinishing and staining. It’s pretty safe to say that for most of us, the kitchen is the heart of a home.

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Painting Contractor in Santa Maria, CA

Deck Resurfacing & Waterproofing

With plentiful sunshiny days, there’s no need to question why here on the Central Coast, being outdoors isn’t just a nice reprieve, it’s a way of life. Having an outside space such as a deck offers the perfect place to do just that.

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custom faux painting

High-End Faux Finishes

The appearance of your home or business should be something you are proud of. If you find yourself wishing for a look that is a little less drab and a little more you, we are happy to partner with you to make that happen.

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A Few Fun Facts About Paint

  • Paint dries quickest, at around 70℉, pretty close to the average temperature here on the Central Coast

  • The use of lead paint has been outlawed in America since 1978 but many countries had begun banning it dating back to the 1920s

  • Leftover paint doesn’t have to be thrown out. In fact, having some on hand is a great option for easy touch-ups. Don’t forget to label which room or part of the house it has been used to quickly identify the right color. 

  • The EPA recommends that all paint should remain in its original container with the original label intact. Cans should be stored in a dark cool place with the lid securely in place

  • The White House is only white in color because of the lime-based whitewash which was originally used to protect the porous stone surface of the building in 1792

  • Different colors or paint affect our moods differently making the colors we choose for our homes and business especially important. Reds, for instance, can energize us or even make us angry, while cooler tones like blues and greens tend to have a calming effect

  • We can thank Greek Philosopher Plato for our wide range of paint colors available today, it was he who first discovered that if you mix two different colors together a third color will be produced

  • Western cultures especially have associated the color purple with royalty because of the difficulty in producing the rich and beautiful color but blue has beat it in a popularity contest with the majority of people claiming it to be their favorite color

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