Did you know that color has a psychological element to it? Someone’s “favorite color” can be more than an aesthetic preference — color can directly affect one’s mood. 

Your home is a place where all of your things speak to you — and your bedroom is the most sacred part of the home. This is where you go to separate yourself from the world and rest. 

Because of this, the way your room makes you feel is very important. This article will walk you through some of the coziest bedroom paint looks out there that will also keep your room cool and stylish. 


Cottagecore is an aesthetic that rose to the status of a cultural sensation in the 2020s — mainly through Gen Z and their use of fast meme-based platforms like TikTok. 

Cottagecore draws on influences of European aesthetics like dutch “hygge” and German “gemütlichkeit” — both invoking a quiet sort of serenity and comfort; living space design as a way of life. 

The colors evoked in a cottage core aesthetic take elements of English colonial housing, as well as the color you’d find a lot of in nature. Think of soft browns, dull greens, off-whites, and the occasional splash of dark blue, and you start to understand what cottage core is all about. 

Hire a great interior painting service, and get them to plan these colors out for you. A great painting service will consider where your light comes in from, what the color of your furniture is, and what the layout of your room is light, to create you a cottage core aesthetic that’s sure to make you feel relaxed. 

We recommend pairing this aesthetic with furniture that mimics vintage styles. This is the perfect way to slip into old-school relaxation. 

You can also spice up the cottage core style with pastel color accents like yellow and pink. 


The rustic style is a little more dark and moody than cottage core — but it’s just as relaxing. Color combinations are the same, but you start to see more dark hues, gray, and blacks work themselves in. The rustic style basis itself a little more around our immediate past — you often see it associated with the Midwest and Americana. 

We recommend pairing this color palate with finished wooden chairs, big plants like Monstera, vintage wardrobes, dressers, chests, vintage appliances like record players and wooden lamps, etc.

Though it might be more for those who find more comfort in the dark and the light, the rustic aesthetic is still a great way to stay relaxed. 

The Best Bedroom Paint for Relaxation

As you can see, the best bedroom styles out there for relaxation aren’t all about the individual colors themselves. They’re about how they pair with other colors. Follow the bedroom paint color patterns of rustic or cottage core styles, and you’re sure to relax in style. 

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