A fresh paint job can brighten up any room and make it look brand new. But did you know that hiring a professional painting company to paint your house can actually increase the value of your home?

According to new research, a new interior painting can lead to a 1075 return on investment. And, an exterior paint job can generate a 555 ROI. 

If you are considering a new paint job for your house and can’t decide if you should do it yourself or hire the professionals, keep reading this guide and learn the benefits professional painters have over you doing it yourself.

1. Professional Look

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a professional painting service to complete the job is that the result will be a professionally painted wall. Lets’s face it, even if we know how to paint, it never turns out the way we want it to.

Professional painters have years of experience in their craft and take pride in the results. They know how to coat it so everything looks even and there are no spots or different shades.

2. Better Preparation

If you’ve ever prepared for a paint job, you know just how much work it is to make sure everything is ready to go when it comes time to paint. So when you hire a professional paint company to complete the job for you, they are trained to prepare the right way and make sure everything is covered correctly. 

Several steps must be completed before you get to the painting. You have to:

  • Cover any furniture (or remove it)
  • Cover the floors
  • Sand the area
  • Remove the old paint
  • Clean the surface
  • Tape the areas not being painted

This process takes time and is critical to complete to make sure you get the most out of your paint job. The preparation process is necessary for both interior paintings and exterior paintings.

3. Expert Advice

Not only will hiring a professional painting company ensures that the job will be done right the first time, but they can also help you decide what’s best for your room or exterior. 

The best professional painters will know what colors to suggest and what colors will make your house feel more like home. Certain colors can trigger specific emotions and can be used in different rooms to promote a sense of well-being.

4. Safer

Part of the preparation work is to make sure the room has proper ventilation. This is vital because if you neglect to circulate the air, the strong fumes from the paint can cause a reaction and other harmful health effects. Professional painters will know exactly what to do and how to ventilate the area for best results, so you don’t have to worry.

Professional Painters in Your Area

When it comes time to paint your house, hiring professional painters is worth it. To know that your room or exterior will come out looking the way you always imagined it would is priceless. And don’t forget about the time you will save between preparation, painting, and cleaning up. 

If you are ready for your house to be painted the right way, contact us today and receive a free quote.