Not everyone can afford to live in a mansion with huge rooms and tall ceilings. Some people have to live in smaller apartments that they can barely afford, especially in bigger and more expensive cities. However, the kind of interior paint colors they use can do a lot to make a room feel more spacious than it actually is. 

Certain paint colors have the ability to invoke specific emotions and provide a comforting atmosphere to a room. Bright tones make people happier, while darker ones make things feel more serious and mature. 

Here are some of the best painting colors you should use for your small room. 

Dark Blue

Research shows that navy blue is one of the most relaxing colors in the world. Not only does the color provide a calming effect, but it’s a color that is commonly found in nature.

It also simulates the presence of water and its stillness. As such, painting your interior walls with dark or navy blue helps make your room seem as expansive as the open ocean. 


Off-white is a simple color that’s easy to work with and coordinate with various pieces of furniture. It works well with darker colors to provide a contrast, as well as helps to brighten up a room alongside other bright tones. 

Dark Gray

Like off-white, a dark gray is a good option that is minimalistic and can match a variety of different furnishings. It provides a more sophisticated appearance to a room and doesn’t look dirty as quickly as a lighter color will. 

The shadows will look deeper, giving the room a larger appearance. 

Pale Blues

Light colors like pale blues are great for lightening up a room and making it feel more open. In particular, sky blue evokes the presence of the open sky overhead. 

You’ll want to pair it with other light colors to set a calming tone for your room. Too much contrast will only accentuate the room’s actual size.

Sea Green

Sea green is another minimalistic color with a soft tone. It has an earthy vibe and makes a room feel more natural. As such, you would do well to pair it with wooden furniture and greenery. 

It also helps if the room has a lot of natural light, to begin with. 


This color is a neutral one that is somewhere between brown and gray. It’s a relaxing color that works much like green, bringing a natural aesthetic and vibe to a room. Utilizing natural light is also recommended here to bring out your room’s full potential. 

Find the Best Interior Paint Colors

A small room doesn’t have to be the worst space in your home. The right paint job can completely change how it looks and feels. Ultimately, choosing the best interior paint colors for it will come down to your pre-existing aesthetic and personal preferences. 

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