Did you know that neutral paint colors can make a home feel larger? Paint on the exterior and interior of homes is more impactful than most people think. 

Choosing a paint color can feel like a stressful project. There are millions of paint color options, and finding the right one can seem impossible.

But when you get the right paint color, it can make a house really feel like a home. Here’s how to decide what the right paint color for your home is.

Paint Color Options

Sorting through paint color options can be an intimidating and difficult decision. We can help you tackle this project with the right tips to find the perfect colors for your home, whether it’s interior or exterior paint. 

The first part of sorting through paint samples is understanding undertones. Sifting through whites or neutrals, sometimes they can all look the same. But there is always an undertone, such as blue, green, yellow, or red. 

Don’t choose a color without examining the undertone of the paint. The paint may look different once it’s on the walls.

Knowing what undertone is going to complement the room or the exterior parts of your house can help you narrow down your options for a new paint color. 

Exterior Paint

In 2021, the most popular colors for the exterior of a house were white, beige, blue, and grey. Although these may seem like boring choices, they can actually be the better choice.

A neutral tone can create a sense of calmness in the house. Sticking to neutral colors is always a good and safe choice. 

If you’re planning to put your house on the market for sale, a beige or grey can make the house sell faster.

Of course, you don’t have to take the traditional route of choosing a neutral color. You can always choose a color that makes it feel like your home is yours!

You can always choose a rich and beautiful neutral to make your home still stand out.

If you have other questions or concerns about painting the exterior of your home, you can always consult with a professional.

Choosing a Paint Color for a Room

There are a few tricks for choosing a new paint color for the interior rooms in your home.

New paint is nothing to shy away from. It can refresh an old room, be a great addition to a renovation, or tie a new room together. 

When choosing a color for the walls, think about the furniture, rugs, carpet, or the color of the hardwood flooring in the room. You always want to choose colors that are complementary on the color wheel. 

If you want to opt for a white or neutral, find the undertones that will complement the main colors in the room. Remember, simple is better. Don’t overcomplicate your choices with too many colors. 

Deciding to go with a bold choice can be rewarding when the color brings out the others in the room. Sometimes choosing a color based on how it makes you feel (warm, calm, happy) can be the best choice for a room. 

Be Bold!

Even though choosing a paint color can seem daunting, with added knowledge of paint colors, you can make a more informed decision that will be best for your home.

No matter if you choose a white, neutral, or bright color, be confident in your choice. Your house will feel more like a home when the walls are the exact color that you have chosen.