Life in color. Isn’t it beautiful? Choosing color combinations for your home is an important decision.

After all, home is your sacred space to relax and create memories for years to come. Maybe you feel stuck staring at boring white walls that scream for change. Or perhaps you struggle to choose the room color combinations that inject life and energy into your home.

Choosing colors is more than just settling on a paint color. Paint schemes have the power to evoke particular emotions and even affect how you feel. But how can you begin to choose the right room color combinations?

What are the steps to design a colorful space you love? Read on to discover the ultimate guide for taking your home’s color schemes to the next level. 

Consider Existing Tones and Finishes  

When choosing a color scheme for your home, consider existing finishes or decor. This helps streamline your decorating budget and create a more cohesive space. 

For example, is your home’s exterior a midcentury modern bungalow? Then, consider neutral tones like creams, whites, and natural woods for exterior house color combinations. For house and roof color combinations, consider style and aesthetics.

For example, a Mediterranean-style home with a tile roof works well with an earthy or neutral exterior paint color. Don’t forget to bring those neutral shades into your interior design scheme.   

Consult the Color Wheel 

Whether you’re painting your home’s exterior or interior, the color wheel can reveal pleasing palates. Start by looking at the wheel’s primary colors of red, yellow, and blue. This can help establish your primary or base shade.

Then secondary colors orange, violet, and green can help you choose accent shades. The color wheel may even show interior color combinations you’ve never dreamed of! For example, opposite or complementary colors can be interesting combinations for interior moldings or accent walls.

If you struggle to make a decision or find the right colors, don’t worry. A professional painter like Stephen James Painting can help you choose the colors that make the most impact and exceed expectations. 

Go With Your Favorite Hue 

Do you remember being asked your favorite color as a child? Maybe you have loved yellow or pink since the beginning of time. Or, perhaps your color choices have become more sophisticated over the years.

In either respect, showcase your favorite hue in the interior of your home. Choosing a color you love will help ground your space and great a design story.

The right color can even help lift your mood and increase your home’s energy. Check out our post on color psychology to learn more about the impact of color. 

The Right Color Combinations Will Turn Your House Into a Home 

How can you choose the right color combinations for your home interior? This guide can help you make decisions that align with your budget, home design vision, and personal style preferences. Remember that tools like a color wheel can reveal combinations you may have never considered.

In the end, choosing a meaningful color you love is bound to make your house feel like a home. If you are repainting your home and in need of professional services, contact Stephen James Painting to request a free quote