The kitchen market is only growing. We’re not sure why, but more and more Americans want their kitchens to look like they’re at the top of their game. Perhaps it’s because people spent so much time inside in 2020 that they realized the flaws in their houses. 

Whatever the reason might be, if you found yourself on this page, you likely are interested in the best kitchen cabinet finishes. But how can you create a great finish that’s both on-trend and will stay fashionable throughout the future? 

This article will walk you through the best contemporary trends in kitchen cabinets.  

Yellow and Green

Yellow and green are two of the boldest colors you can use in your kitchen. But did you know that greens and yellows make up one of the hottest new looks in the world of kitchen cabinets? 

Whether you’re going with a stain or a finish, consider making use of these bold, clashing colors, to make a look that’s impossible to look away from. 

We recommend going with a hyper-contemporary, modernist look with your green and yellow kitchen cabinet. Make use of minimal-looking furniture, metallic appliances (maybe even a toaster that comes in a similar color!), and futuristic utensils, and you’ve created a fantastic, bold, contemporary look. 

All Black 

The 2020s have seen a revival of goth culture. You might not find yourself aligned with this in any other aspect of your life — but you can’t deny that there’s something appealing to the newfound comfortable darkness. 

If you want to find a way to let a little bit of darkness into your chamber, maybe you can go with all-black cabinets. This will add a strange level of serenity to your kitchen.

The color people usually think of when they think of kitchens is white — this can sometimes give a kitchen a clinical feel. Black is a great way to make your kitchen feel a little more home-friendly and lived-in, without sacrificing the cool modernity of a stark color. 

Light Browns

In addition to the ride of goth culture, people have also found great ways to revive more traditional aesthetics. If you want to take a step away from the modern world, perhaps you might want to have your kitchen finished in a nice light brown. 

These can be paired nicely with deep greens and blues, to create a relaxing look for your kitchen that replicates nature. No matter what your kitchen color needs are, we’ve got you covered

The Best Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

As you can see there are many options you can go with when it comes to great cabinet finishes in 2023. You can embrace the newfound goth aesthetics the kids like, go with a bold clash of colors, or reject modernity altogether and go with a more traditional look. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about your personality. 

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