Are you bored to tears staring at the plain white walls in your home? Want something fresh and exciting, with minimal effort on your part?

Faux finish painting is a great alternative to wallpaper or solid-color paint, and it has a lot of surprising benefits other than how great it looks. Read this guide to find out all about the benefits of getting faux finish paint for your home.

1) Add Value, Space, and Charm

First, what is faux painting? It’s a special technique that skilled painters can use to make one surface seem like another, or add texture to your walls. For example, a painter can use highlights, shadows, and colors to their advantage to make ordinary drywall seem like marble, stone, and much more.

Adding texture to your walls can also play with the way the space feels. Certain patterns can make a large room feel more snug and cozy, while others can open up a small space into something that feels larger. You can use this to your advantage in the interior design layouts of your home.

A skilled painter can use their tools to create a design of any kind on your walls to transform the look in your room. The added charm of this paint aesthetic can liven up your space and add to the resale value of your home.

2) Use a Faux Finish on Any Surface

Faux finish walls may look like marble, concrete, metal, wood, etc, but they could also be any one of those materials. You can get a faux finish on almost any surface. You can paint glass to look like a brick wall, or paint over a concrete wall to make it look like metal. 

This versatility is another great benefit of faux finishes since you can use it anywhere throughout your home. There are a lot of different finishes to choose from, such as stone, marble, or wood, that can transform your space no matter where you’re starting from.

3) The Ultimate Blemish Concealer

If you have a home that’s any older than brand new, you know that cracks, chips, and dents can leave an unsightly impression on your painted walls. Everyday wear and tear, or any shenanigans your kids might get up to, can cause embarrassing dents or scratches on your walls. 

Repairing the cracks can be expensive or difficult, and replacing the wall is even more so. You can easily hide these blemishes by concealing them with a faux finish. The texture of the finish will add another dimension to the wall, making it much easier to hide any cracks.

4) It Lasts Longer

If you want the walls in your home to look unique, or to look like another material, you could use wallpaper. But wallpaper will peel over time and lose its luster, plus it is a real hassle to replace.

Faux finish walls last for much longer than wallpaper and are easy to maintain and touch up. If your walls are starting to look worn, our professionals can come by and touch up the faux paint to keep your home looking sharp.

Designing Your Faux Finish Walls

Faux finish painting is a great way to boost your interior design and add dimension and value to your home. 

Like the look, don’t want all the work? Let our experienced professionals handle the details! Call us today to get a free quote for all your painting needs!