Before your guest walks into your house, the first thing they see is the door. A hideous exterior paint can instill negativity in your guests. Since the first impression is the last, it can hurt your chance of networking your way to a promotion.

Fortunately, curb appeal can save the day. With the right front door colors, you can simply and affordably breathe new life into your house while also adding a touch of individuality. Whether you’re planning to sell your home or trying to impress your boss, try these five exterior door paint ideas to renovate your entrance.

1. Add More Value to Your Home With Black and Grey

Black and charcoal grey front doors may add more than $6,000 to the market value of your home. It’s a timeless and contemporary option that stands out beautifully and draws the buyers’ attention to the entrance. If you’re repainting your front door before marketing your property, choose a semi-gloss or glossy black paint to give it a fresh shine and vibe.

2. For White Exteriors, Find Colors That Complements Various Aspects of the House

If your house is pristine, airy white, then you have limitless options. While any door color complements with white, it’s critical to choose a door color that coordinates with the shutters, trim, and roof. This strategy ensures that they fit one another and do not detract from the beautiful white of your external walls.

Match the color of your front door to the décor of your porch, drapes, or front yard. The wonderful thing about white is that you can mix it with other front door colors to create a unique and welcoming entrance. Consider blending a neutral tone with a splash of color or opting for an eye-catching door handle.

3. Consider the Tone of Your Brick to Prevent a Clash

Redbrick houses are timeless and fit well with various front door colors. The idea here is to consider the tone of your brick to prevent clashing or excessive mixing. A reliable paint service can give you some tips in this scenario.

Is the crimson tinged with orange? If this is the case, paint the door with a warm tone. If the red has a blue undertone, replace it with a cool hue. 

4. Pick Colors According to Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, the direction your front entrance faces determines your home’s positive energy. Through the use of color, you can amplify this energy and create harmony in your home.

For example, the best color for your front door facing south is red since it accentuates the Fire element. If your door faces west, the best color is white for the metal element. Green represents the earth element, perfect for an east-facing door.

5. Spice up Traditional Homes With the Right Colors

Traditional house colors do not have to be dull. Some of the greatest front door colors can make a statement while complementing your home’s historic architecture. Here are some recommended colors for your conventional home:

  • Black Jet
  • Traditional Red
  • Blue Slate
  • Green Emerald
  • Dark Grey
  • Luminous White

To update your traditional home’s entrance while maintaining its timeless grandeur, try a door with varied textures glass panels. Unique paneling can also complement your traditional home’s majestic appearance.

Where Can You Get an Amazing Exterior Door Paint

The right exterior painting can take your breath away, so take your time to find the perfect match. Enlist the help of a professional painting service that can provide you with samples. They can show you what color works based on your overall home décor.

If you are looking for the best painting services, we can offer you some inspiration. Contact us today for more information on choosing the perfect exterior door paint.