Refreshing the paint job on the exterior of your home is a large undertaking. Picking the right color for your neighborhood, your home’s architectural style, and your own aesthetic can be tricky. 

These exterior house paint ideas can help you find a design that will satisfy your creativity and turn your house into the pride of the neighborhood. 

1. Off-White Classics

Off-white shades are classic exterior paint colors for a reason. They work well on many architectural styles and can make smaller houses look bigger. A cream or ecru will look clean longer than a pure white but have the same benefit for the property. 

2. Bold Black

A bold new exterior paint trend is flat matte black. The monochromatic look is striking and unique. Black is a good choice for colder climates as the paint will help absorb heat from the sun, keeping your home cozier on the inside. 

Black exterior house paint can make your home look sleek and sophisticated, especially if you have warm-colored wooden trim or brassy accents.  

3. Cool Charcoal

If you don’t want to commit to a fully black abode but want the same sophisticated moody aesthetic, a charcoal shade is a great compromise. Shades range from smokey to almost black, so you can adjust to account for your landscaping and the atmosphere of your neighborhood.

4. Gentle Greens

When bold and brilliant isn’t your idea of the best exterior paint, try a shade of green. Nature enthusiasts and gardeners of all skill levels can appreciate the way an olive or hunter green compliments the lush shades of tree leaves and grasses. 

Green can also be a visual balm for desert landscapes. Adding a splash of green to a sandy landscape can be a refreshing change of pace. 

5. High Contrast Trim

If you want a facelift for your house without the major commitment of an entire paint job, consider your trim. Doors, window wells, gutters, and other smaller elements can be a big statement with a vibrant paint color.

Bright jewel tones can have a dramatic impact on a neutral exterior. Your favorite color on the trim can infuse your personality into your home with just a few cans of paint. 

Painting just your trim is a great way to test drive a color, too. If you change your mind, painting over it will be a quick job and not a major undertaking. 

6. Perfect Pastels

Paler colors for sunny climates aren’t just beautiful—they are also more energy-efficient than dark colors. Dark colors absorb heat from the sun, where light colors reflect it, bouncing the heat away from the house. 

Pick your favorite color and opt for a pastel shade to get a splash of color without cranking up your energy bill. Plus, a pastel will fade much slower than a deep color. 

Bring Your Exterior House Paint Ideas to Life

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