You’ve hit a mid-afternoon slump, but you want to finish the workday strong and stay productive. You reach for your afternoon coffee, go for a quick walk, and then…take in the hue of the bright red door to your office?

Color psychology is the theory that there is a connection between emotions and colors and can affect mood, recall, and even boost productivity.

So, if you are thinking of an office update, and want to increase your productivity, here are a few colors that can help soothe, get the creative juices flowing, amp you up, and help you focus.

Color to Boost Concentration and Memory

Blue has a calming effect on the mind and allows for better concentration. It also soothes and discourages distractions, making memory recall easier.

Shades of blue are the way to go if you are painting an office where work that requires good recall and attention to detail happens.

Color to Motivate and Boost Energy

Red is the go-to color for enhancing energy. Red is seen by the brain as a “danger cue” and can give the brain a quick boost of energy.

However, it can come with a bit of downside, affecting the mood by evoking worry or distraction.

For this reason, red is a good accent color in offices. Aim for a little bit to provide a boost, but not so much that it will overwhelm the senses.

Colors to Soothe Mood and Promote Balance

There are several choices for colors that soothe and reduce anxiety. Soft lavender, pinks, and even shades of white can be very soothing.

Numerous studies have shown that reducing stress in the workforce increases productivity. High levels of stress can lower energy levels, affect focus, and reduce creativity.

Colors to Inspire Creativity

Bright and cheerful colors can boost creativity. In particular, yellow and orange are both thought to be colors that inspire creative thinking.

Yellow is thought to inspire imagination, while orange can give a boost to enthusiasm and energy.

The Surprising Color to Boost Productivity

It might not seem like it at first glance, but gray is a great productivity booster color. It is a neutral color that creates a balanced feeling in the workplace.

The downside to gray is that it can seem drab, so using it in moderation, or making sure there are lots of accent colors, can offset that.

Mixing it Up for Your Perfect Office

Painting an office can be a fun way to help you feel more creative and boost productivity in your workspace. When you are ready for your office update, check out our interior painting services

Just remember, when tapping into color psychology, think about what work needs to get done, and tailor your colors from there. Sometimes a combination of colors, or accent colors with a main one, will do the trick.

And once you’ve made your decisions on the colors that will inspire the most productivity in your office, contact us for a quote and let us get you the painted office of your dreams.