According to Consumer Reports, improving the curb appeal of your home can increase its value by 3 to 5 percent! Focusing on landscaping is a classic way to boost curb appeal. But, it’s not the only way. 

Painting a home exterior makes an impact on the overall look of your home. Whether or not you plan on selling your home any time soon, you may be considering exterior painting. 

Depending on the size of your home, painting a home can be a mammoth job. Timing your painting project just right will add some amount of ease to the task ahead of you. This post will answer the question of when to paint a home.

Put down your paintbrush and read on! 

1. Find the “Goldilocks” Temperature

You want to pick a time to paint in which the weather is like Baby Bear’s porridge: not too hot and not too cold. If you’re planning to paint a home in California, you’re in luck. There are more of those types of days for you to pick from. 

The ideal temperature range for painting a home with latex paint is between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s too cold, the paint won’t adhere well to your home. This makes it more prone to peeling and cracking. 

If it’s too warm, the paint will dry too fast. Drying too quickly forms lumps of dried paint on your brush that end up leaving imperfections on your freshly painted surface. Also, the paint is more likely to dry with streaky brush marks still visible. 

In extreme heat, the paint is not the only thing that can suffer. Working outside for long stretches of time in hot weather leaves you vulnerable to dehydration and overheating.  

2. Avoid Wet Weather

Rain, snow, humidity, and dew pose a threat to your painting plans. If the exterior of your home is wet in any way, do not paint it. Waterlogged siding or masonry affects the paint’s ability to adhere to the surface and dry properly. 

Even if the forecast doesn’t show rain or snow, be sure to check the amount of dew accumulated in the morning. If you paint during the day, your paint will still be drying and curing overnight.

If you’re unsure of when to paint a home, call in a pro. Professional painting companies understand the intricacies on of planning painting projects around the elements. 

3. Clean First!

Finally, the last factor to consider about when to paint your house–is it clean? Do not paint until you’ve thoroughly cleaned the outside. Dust, dirt, and debris will prevent you from achieving a professional-looking finish. 

Using a pressure washer:

  • Rinse the surface
  • Spray with a detergent solution
  • Scrub away mold
  • Rinse again
  • Wait until thoroughly dried

Now You Know the Best Conditions for Painting a Home Exterior 

These are the things to consider before painting a home exterior. Check the weather, watch for water, wash your home, and you’re good to go! 

If you are planning to paint a home in California, check out Stephen James Painting. We can recommend the best time of year to paint your home and then execute that painting with perfection. 

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