Have you ever noticed your energy shift when you go into a room? The colors in your home impact your mood, which is why you must carefully select them. 

Although bright shades are refreshing, there’s nothing better than feeling cozy in your home. Dark, deep colors can be soothing and peaceful and there are endless ways to incorporate them. With help from Stephen James Painting, you can bring your dream home to life. 

Read below to discover the best modern interior paint colors that have gone dark and watch your mood brighten! 


One of the most exciting colors to use in the home is green, which can promote a sense of tranquility. Aside from dark green shades being calming, they can also be used to add more natural elements to the home. 

Pine, emerald, and hunter green are rich, dark paint colors that can enhance your home. Many people are painting their cabinets dark green, but they also look great on the walls, against white moldings. If you want to give this color a try, don’t be afraid to paint with green in your office, kitchen, or dining room. 


Indigo, midnight blue, and navy blue are making major appearances in the 2024 home interior trends. 

If you often envision the sky or water, blue paint can be the perfect addition to your home. Midnight blue and navy blue are popular choices for cabinets, they can add depth to a room and balance neutral colors. Working with Stephen James Painting will leave you happy, just take a look at our advantages of hiring a cabinet painting contractor


Are you hoping to add the illusion of space to your home? Dark shades of tan and beige are popping up, making rooms look larger. 

Not only does dark beige make the room look spacious, but it also adds a touch of simplicity. Luxury interior design often incorporates dark beige on walls for a refreshing appearance. Our team can help you with your next interior project in Santa Barbara and San Luis Counties. 

Another advantage of beige is that it is a neutral shade. Homes with neutral colors lead to a faster sale when you’re ready to move. 


Millennial Gray has become popular in homes, but with the new year, comes new colors. Instead of going with a soft gray inside of your home, darker shades could look more appealing. 

Charcoal is the perfect shade if you want to darken things in your home. Since this darker shade still has white mixed within, it won’t eliminate all light, especially if the curtains are open! Dark gray is often incorporated into luxury interior design because it’s a neutral shade. 

Basements, bathrooms, and lounge areas are the perfect walls to incorporate charcoal, wrought iron, or dark gray. If you’re ready for a color change, our team can help! 

Upgrade Your Home with Modern Interior Paint Colors 

With the modern interior paint colors mentioned above, you can make your home look spacious, calm, and luxurious. These trending dark shades will enhance each room and even your mood. 

Updating your home takes time, but if you hire an expert, it can be quickly completed. Be sure to take a look at the list of services we offer at Stephen James Painting!